Monday, February 29, 2016

Kindergarten Art

We began our unit on United States symbols.In art, we focus our studies on the Statue of Liberty and I tie in a unit on self portraits as well. We began the week talking about the symbols people use to draw portraits. Some examples I showed were "spider eyes", the simple curve symbol used to represent a smile, and the favorite backwards "L" or jack-o-lantern triangle symbol for the nose. Each student then learned the simple proportions and placement of features for portraits and began to draw their self portrait. Every student had a mirror to observe themselves and to try and draw what they saw adding as many detail as they could in one class period. The portraits are charming and I will soon hang them in the halls so everyone can enjoy them. After learning more about portraits, we began the Statue of Liberty drawing. The artists drew the facial features of Lady Liberty, then added a blue green watercolor wash over their drawing. This week, the students will collage their statue image over a background created by gluing different nationality newspapers in a pattern to symbolize the diversity in America.

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