Monday, February 29, 2016

1st and 2nd Grade Art

I was approached by a student in 1st grade who had an idea for a project he really wanted to do in art. He had developed an idea to take images of existing super heroes, cut them out and collage them on paper. I extended his idea to include oil pastels and water color paint to create a scene or setting that the super heroes could use their powers. We had a lively discussion about how we could be super heroes by helping, saying something kind to others, or doing helpful acts without anyone knowing. We then discussed how we could illustrate a story only using images, not relying on words. The students also had the option of using magazine images if they did not like the super heroes images. I believe they all enjoyed a lighted assignment and I appreciated the idea coming from an enthusiastic artist. After the work was complete on their super hero work, the students could create a free work using oil pastels and water color. I believe they expanded their techniques and were thrilled to get to take the work home right away!

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