Monday, February 22, 2016

Kindergarten Art

I worked with the Kindergarten students for one class creating clay disk bowls. The students made several golf ball sized forms and smashed them into disks. The disks were then scored and slipped together and placed inside a plastic form. Once the forms are dry and fired in the kiln, they will apply a glaze to the bowls. This will happen next month in art.
The students continued building the skills they gained with the collage work and created a collage based on the work of Ezra Keats. They looked at several examples of his collage illustrations, noting the details and setting of each piece. They learned the terms horizon line, focal point and we added texture and details to their art vocabulary as well. The students were asked to tell a story with their artwork using only cut paper elements. The results are wonderful and are hanging in the hallways by their classrooms.

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