Monday, May 15, 2017

The Ratner School Art Program

What a week! We are all enjoying the nicer weather (finally) and are begining the wind up of projects in art. I keep my classes running until the very last day of school and do a series of smaller, faster projects with students in all grade levels. The end of the year is a bit more "flexible" with the students as it is the season for field trips, band concerts and special events. I have learned to go with the flow and adapt my lessons to the rhythm of the end of the school year. The 1st and 2nd grade students enjoyed the last art field trip of the year to MOCA last week and I am proud of our ongoing partnership and relationship with MOCA. I am already planning our trips for the next school year and look forward to growing the partnership.

Kindergarten Art

We have begun our final project of the year in Kindergarten. We are working on our special "I think you're wonderful" necklaces that will be presented at the Kindergarten celebration. I try to do a different theme every year and this necklace is going to be inspired by our school's new Learning Garden. I do not want to share any pictures of the progress, so you will all be surprised to see the gift your Kindergarten student presents you! I am amazed at the level of growth in art the students have achieved this year and I know if it is moving quickly for me, it must be faster for you, the parents. I love teaching this age child and once again thank you all for trusting me with their art education.

1st and 2nd Grade Art

We had a fantastic field trip experience at MOCA on Thursday. The students were engaged, excited to be at the museum, asked wonderful questions and had fun on top of it all! I look forward to continuing the partnership with MOCA next year. 
I hope all the mothers or important people in the students lives enjoyed the Georgia O'Keefe inspired paintings your students brought home. While I do not do "Mother's Day" projects, the timing of the paintings worked out well to be a gift for the students to take home. The students enjoyed exploring all the materials and techniques with the work and learned a broad background about the work of Georgia O'Keefe. We will be beginning our final project of the year this week and keep an eye out for art work coming home in your child's backpack.




3rd and 4th Grade Art

We began our work on the annual Zentangle map of the United States in art last week. A large map is traced and the students name the state they would like to design and begin work on their patterns. If you have noticed in the art room, I have several maps hanging up going back 13 years of all the different designs the classes have created. The students look forward to having their maps added to the "collection" each year. As the work on the zentangle map is completed, a sculpture project will finish out our work for the year.

5th and 6th Grade Art

To wind down the year, the class is working in the Maker Space on independent projects. We have a group of students taking apart an Underwood manual typewriter, a number of students wood burning designs and several students are making pencil holders. I like seeing the excitement at designing and building and the students are enjoying their time in the shop. We will finish up the projects this week and begin the end of the year step up posters and returning all the artwork next week.

7th and 8th Grade Art

Work continues in the Maker Space with the construction of the snack stand with the 8th grade government team and the history projects with the other students. Some of the 7th grade students have begun constructing the totem pole stands and I hope they will finish them this week. I enjoy seeing the stronger problem solving skills come together in the projects in the Maker Space and the students are enjoying using the tools and materials in their projects.