Monday, February 22, 2016

1st and 2nd Grade Art

The reason I have begun to enjoy working with clay more is because of the growth and skills I see being developed for this grade level. The students showed great patience and attention to detail with their clay project. We began the unit with a pinch pot bowl shape which transformed into a birds nest with added texture. The artists could add eggs, worms, leaves or bugs to the interior of their nest. The focal point of the sculpture would be the bird resting on the edge of the nest. The students remember the parts of the bird from the sketches and found that they were easily able to sculpt a realistic form. They created such wonderful pieces, they wanted to continue to work with clay. I asked Ms. Patel what unit they were focused on in Science, and they were beginning a unit on volcanoes. Perfect! Each student created a 6" high volcano that will hold a plastic test tube. They will mix together the elements in Science to make their volcano erupt! We have so much fun collaborating with science. I am excited to see how the work looks after the glaze is applied.

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