Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kindergarten Art 

The study of Eric Carle was a new cycle project for me this year and I enjoyed learning more about the artist and writer along with the students. The project in art covered several areas of exploration and experimentation for the students. They learned about the rule of thirds in laying out a landscape background and reinforced the previous watercolor techniques they have learned. After creating a scene on the watercolor paper, we studied the shapes and textures used to create the characters seen in Carle's books. The students determined what animal or character they wanted to create for their illustration and began "building" their work using textured paper scraps. This required an attention to scale, form and details to successfully create a character. The parts and pieces were glued into position on their background painting to complete the project. Look for the pieces displayed in the Montessori hallways. This week we will begin our study of Grandma Moses.

Detail of the above painting

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