Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3rd and 4th Grade Art

The Beatles Album Cover project has been completed! Ms. Jarrett is continuing the work in music class recording the songs for the albums. I will scan each album cover and resize the image to fit into a CD jewel case and the students will format their song titles to complete the project. The album covers look great and the students learned several graphic art techniques with this project. We started a new project on Tuesday last week.  The project is a sculptural project that will cover several areas. We talked about geometric solids, completed a short "quiz" looking for geometric solids in the room and naming them. The project will include creating a layout for a 6" cube, designing patterns for each face of the cube and building a stand in the Maker Space to suspend the completed form. The students began by trying to engineer the best pattern for constructing the cube and sketched several ideas. We will begin the layout of their patterns on poster board this week and will continue to explore different patterns and techniques throughout the project.

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