Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1st and 2nd Grade

What an amazing project for these students! They worked so intensely on the Van Gogh landscapes and showed great pride in their work. They were inquisitive, attentive and handled the higher level project with ease. Every time I think I may be asking too much from students this age, they rise up to the challenge and constantly impress me. They listened well to the directions on using acrylic paint and were very careful with the application of the details in their paintings. We only had one instance of paint dripped on a shoe, but the student let me know right away and the paint came off with no problem. The final paintings are beautiful and I am excited to get them mounted and on display for everyone to enjoy. I am planning on having an opening event next week for the students so we can have a full class critique to talk about the work and the project. This is a good opportunity for the students to learn how to talk about their work and the work of their peers.

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