Monday, September 19, 2016

Kindergarten Art

We have had two Kindergarten classes this year and are already beginning to settle into a comfortable routine. The students are learning the rules and expectations of the art program and have begun creating artwork. Our first project was under the Humanities theme of "All about me." The students drew themselves, their home, families and pets. Many students added several extra elements to tell the viewer more detail about themselves. The next project was a "Peace" inspired simple mandala design. We talked about the calming properties of traditional mandalas and then drew concentric circles on large white paper. The final step of the project was to paint each area with watercolor paint. This project helps gauge the control of material, use of watercolors and the ability to follow several steps in a process. The work is currently hanging outside room 110. I am enjoying working with the new group of Kindergarten artists and look forward to a creative year with them.

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