Monday, September 19, 2016

5th and 6th Grade Art

We began the year by going outside and working on observational drawings of the new learning garden. This exercise strengthens the students ability to draw what they see and to slow down their drawing process. After a week of observational drawings, we began our first intensive project. The students have begun the study of the human body in Science, so we are tying in portraits into the curriculum at the same time. The project is the creation of playing card portraits. The students have their portrait taken, the contrast is raised on the image and then they draw their portraits on large white paper. They have to simplify the lines and facial features to achieve a strong graphic portrait. The features are all stylized and then traced with sharpie marker. Each student could choose to be a King, Queen, Jack or Joker figure. We had several Jokers this year! The current step in the project is designing the patterns on the robe. We may finish the project next week.


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