Monday, April 18, 2016

The Ratner School Art Program

We had an amazing week of successful field trip experiences to MOCA. The students were well engaged, enthusiastic about going to MOCA again and felt very comfortable voicing their opinions on what they saw. I am always so proud of the behavior and attitude of our students when we visit museums. As always, I love to hear them speak about contemporary art and what they see in the work. The students were partnered with their original "buddies" for each trip this year and I noticed a comfortable level of familiarity between the upper and lower aged students. MOCA is more than eager to continue the partnership with our school next year and gained as much as we did from the partnership. I hope you will all have an opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art with your child and let them show you around. We are so fortunate to have many choices in Cleveland to view art and participate in a variety of creative ways. 

Creating an observational drawing of the sculpture after discussing the meaning of the work. 

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