Monday, April 4, 2016

1st and 2nd Grade Art

 We began our week with the visit from our partners at MOCA, talking about art and how our field trip is going to look for next week. The students were inquisitive, thoughtful and full of ideas for the upcoming trip. I am looking forward to the April 14th visit!  Our other classes of the week involved exploring self portraits. I first directed the students to draw themselves from memory, not offering any lesson on proportions, details or scale. They had to rely on adding information to their drawing to show who they are. The next lesson involved a more controlled portrait using a mirror for observation, a lesson on the "map" of a face and proportions. The students were encouraged to add depth, details and to slooooooooow dooooooown in the drawing process. The difference is striking! I love both portrait approaches for different reasons. We will continue this focus for at least 2 more weeks, exploring new materials to create portraits.


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