Monday, October 19, 2015

Kindergarten Art

The students began work on two concepts in art class last week.  The first exercise was the study of color. In addition to learning the primary and secondary colors, the students began experimenting with mixing colors. We used a color chart where they would apply separate colors to each grid and then combine the two colors together. Learning through experimenting is the most effective way to understand color theory at this age. They were then introduced to the term symmetry and we looked at several works of art to determine if the work was symmetrical or not. The work of Andy Warhol and Sol Lewitt were two of the artists we viewed. The students then created a symmetrical piece of their own using wooden shapes that were traced into a design on paper. They worked off a central dividing line and then colored the shapes with markers, referring to the color theory work they had learned on Monday. Both exercises were sent home on Thursday.

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