Monday, October 5, 2015

3rd and 4th Grade Art

While we have yet to have a full week of art yet, the 3rd and 4th Grade artists are progressing quickly on the Monet watercolor unit. We looked at several examples of Monet's paintings, paying attention to the application of the paint and noticing the mood he created in his paintings. We discussed the movement of Impressionism and talked about the change in painting that Monet was at the forefront of. The students are working on a high quality cotton rag watercolor paper, sketching the landscape and applying oil pastel "detail" highlights to the work. They have learned about horizon lines, color theory and the work of the Impressionist artists. Next week we will be applying the watercolor paint and learning different techniques. If you have time in the coming month to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, they are mounting an exhibition called "Painting the Modern Garden- from Monet to Matisse." The exhibition opens on October 11th and runs until January 5th. It would be wonderful if the students could view the Monet paintings in person.

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