Monday, May 8, 2017

1st and 2nd Grade Art

We had a fantastic tea party last week with our VIP guests and grandparents. I enjoyed meeting everyone and the students were proud to use their ceramic face cups for the tea party. No leaks! Hooray!

We will be finishing up our work on the Georgia O'Keefe flower paintings this week and the students will be bringing the final piece home. They have enjoyed adding several of the techniques and processes learned throughout the year. They began with an observational drawing of a flower of their choice and then began layering colors and materials  on their drawing. Watercolor paint, collage, tempera paint and ink were a few of the materials used in creating their art. They certainly enjoy the process. 
We had the head of the MOCA education department in our class last week presenting a lesson for the students to prepare them for the field trip this week. We talked about layers, the abstract nature of some of the contemporary art they will view and an overview about what they will be experiencing at the museum. I am so grateful for the partnership we have with MOCA and the students are excited about the upcoming trip.

Nicole from MOCA presenting to the 2nd grade students

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