Monday, November 14, 2016

1st and 2nd Grade Art

The Yeh-Shen inspired story-box work was completed last week and is installed in the 1st floor hallways on top of the cubbies. The students created fantastic representations of scenes in the book and added several wonderful details to their work. They painted, cut, glued and built many elements to visually tell the story of Yeh-Shen. I am impressed with their ability to hear a story and develop a minds eye picture to then create in their work. They showed great creativity and are developing good problem solving skills with this work. I enjoy seeing the students look at the work and determine which scene their peers are illustrating. I hope you can all see the work during conferences. If you can remember, please take your child's piece home with you after your conference. I would love to leave them displayed longer, but they are large and I think the students would have difficulty carrying them home. Thank you for your help!

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