Monday, October 10, 2016

Kindergarten Art

The Kindergarten class began the study of raptors in preparation for the field trip to Penitentiary Glen on Friday. We looked at examples of falcons, eagles and some owls to talk about the structure and characteristics of the raptors. Following the discussion and observation, the students were presented with several birds typically found in Northeast Ohio. Using their observational skills, the students drew scientific based representations of the bird of their choice. Accurate scale, colors and form were all elements of the project. The following class the students created an imagination based bird. While the artwork still needed the basic parts of the bird like a beak, wings, tail and feet, the students could create any form of a bird they chose. I enjoy both aspects of this project and am delighted to see accurate representation and the fantastic imagination of our kindergarten artists.

Realistically drawn birds

Imagination bird with 6 legs!

Imagination bird

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