Monday, October 10, 2016

1st and 2nd Grade Art

The students have completed the Zentangle design work in black and white. They worked diligently on their patterns and showed a clear understanding of how to break down a pattern and repeat the designs. Several students designed their own zentangle patterns and showed great creativity in their designs. This project has helped strengthen the control of line and design and helps the students understand the creation of different patterns both in nature and in art. After the black and white Zentangle work was completed, the students could create a color design if they desired. Every student enjoyed creating the patterns so much, they all chose to make a smaller color Zentangle as well. We noticed how beautiful the work looked on the windows with the sun coming through the paper, so we will be hanging this work in the gym pod corridor to create a hallway of Zentangle "stain glass" designs! I love the creativity of our students!


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