Friday, March 13, 2015

Kindergarten Art

Week 23 in the Kindergarten Art and Humanities class brings us another short week because of conferences. We continued our study of E.B. White and the reading of Charlotte's Web. To tie into the study of this beloved author, we talked about the development of characters in literature. How does an author show us a character and how would an artist show a character? We looked at samples of other illustrators and began to think how we would tell a story using only pictures. The students talked about activities they liked to do outside of school and how they would illustrate that story line. With inked thumbprints as the basic form of their characters, each artist added their own details and settings to create a unique book. I hope you enjoyed hearing their stories and viewing all the artwork they brought home this week. 


  1. This Blog is lovely. Patti is an invaluable asset to the Ratner School. My husband and I are consistently impressed with her guidance of our daughter's critical thinking, introspection, self esteem and self expression and their place in other subjects. This has been true as she has grown from a small child to a young lady in middle school.

    1. Thanks Jessica! One of the many great elements of my job is the fact that I get to work and grow with the students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I value getting to know them so well and help them grow as artists