Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kindergarten Art

We are now in week 22 of Art and Humanities. We made our paper on Monday and had a fantastic and messy time in the process. The students were amazed at the smooth texture of the wet pulp and how fragile the paper was in the wet stage. While small groups of students were screening the paper, the class began working on the printing plates for the Maya Angelou unit. I read them 3 quotes from Maya Angelou and asked them to close their eyes and imagine an image in their head. We talked about the meaning of the quotes and how they could illustrate the quote.  Each image drawn was inscribed into the printing plate with a pencil using strong pressure. The plates were then inked and printed. Each student pulled a print and I was so impressed with the control of materials and how wonderful the prints looked. On Thursday, one print was colored with pencil and the other print will remain black and white. Look for more work to come home this week as I begin to display the prints.

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