Monday, January 23, 2017

1st and 2nd Grade Art

It is incredible to see the progress the students have made in 2 classes! The ability to mix colors and control the material has greatly improved and it is evident in the work that there is a clear understanding of several elements of art. Perspective, color theory, shading and line are just a few of the elements the students show an advanced comprehension. This week will finish up this long term painting project where I will introduce acrylic paint to them. This is the first class at this age that I have ever presented acrylic paint to, as it is a more expensive and difficult paint to control. They have earned the privilege by showing mastery of the use of tempera paint and I feel the landscape painting need the richness of acrylic paint for the final detail work. Please do not have your child wear their favorite or best clothes to art on Wednesday or Thursday, acrylic paint is difficult to get out of clothing! Thank you in advance and I think you will all enjoy the work the students have created.

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