Sunday, May 8, 2016

5th and 6th Grade Art

Although the students were out for a week due to the Michigan field trip, we have begun working in the Maker Space. They have all been helpful moving materials into the space and helping organize and set up the shop. They are so enthusiastic about the space and have a strong sense of ownership in the maintenance and care of the Maker Space. We began what will likely be the final project of the year this week. The students are creating found object "robots" using the typewriter and piano parts. The main motivation for this project is to practice using the drill press, hand held power tools and screwdrivers. They will have to measure, plan and execute a set design and for the first time, no glue will be used to create the sculptures! It will be wonderful to correctly and safely have a method to construct the sculptures. 

Example of "FOBOTS", found object robots.

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