Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kindergarten Art

We finished the Statue of Liberty project and the work looks fantastic. This was the first year the students used newspaper collage as a background and I am pleased with the added level of detail in the work. We began the unit focusing on Ohio and looked at the work of Cincinnati artist and graphic designer, Charley Harper. Harper's work was based on geometric shapes simplified to create recognizable plants and animals. The students looked at his bird designs, paying close attention to the design of the Ohio state bird, the cardinal. They had to decide what shapes to cut to create the their bird, draw the shape, decide the scale and piece together their work on watercolor paper. To show scale, they could construct a smaller bird as well. The next step of the project was to create a setting for their bird drawing trees, clouds or a scene of their choice. We will paint the scene with watercolor as the final step. 

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