Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kindergarten Art

The students finished the plaster face project with great success. I packed up the plaster project on Thursday and hope that the work arrived to you safely. Please realize that the plaster was formed over a plastic face form and the "mask" should not be placed on a face. The plaster used is not harmful, but would certainly hurt if any dust ever went into eyes!
The control of material was just remarkable for this age group. The students learned the difference between warm and cool colors, geometric and organic lines and we discussed the different emotions the colors portrayed. The students had wonderful comments about how the outside appearance of people are so different from what they may be like on the inside. I love seeing the thoughtful approach they have developed in creating their art.  I am changing many aspects of the curriculum to adapt to the level of art they are capable of creating. This is a very creative and skilled group of Kindergarten students, thank you again for allowing me to guide them through art.

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