Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3rd and 4th Grade

Your children have been hard at work with our ceramics unit. We discussed the projects they would want to create, the nature of clay, the possibilities that clay held as far as form or function and they chose a challenging focus. They were very excited at the prospect of making a clay keepsake box. For those who are not familiar with clay, a box is a technically difficult form to make out of clay. The artist has to be able to roll out an even slab of clay, cut with precision, score and slip (a clay glue) all the sides and to top off the project, the students wanted a lid for the box with an animal on the top. I do love their enthusiasm, so of course I said we could make that happen! The boxes have all been constructed successfully, the lids have been measured and made, and the animals are being created this week. The work looks wonderful, the students have risen to the challenge and are pleased with the pieces they have created.

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